A commercially-driven design consultant
specialising in brand and web design

Keri Newman Design Limited

I partner with companies seeking beautiful, results-oriented designs in both print and digital media

18 years of experience in the lifestyle and luxury sectors. My approach is highly collaborative and personable, ensuring that I understand your unique vision and goals. I act not just as a designer, but as a consultant, guiding you through the design process to create beautiful, results-driven solutions tailored to your needs.

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freelance web designer

Bridging the gap between freelance and agency.

I specialise in branding, website design and graphic design for a wide range of clients and businesses. Whether you are looking for a visual identity or a creatively driven website, you are in the right place. As a UX and UI designer my websites are designed for smooth and engaging experiences.

Working closely with my clients I form creative partnerships, handling both the design and project management making the process seamless.

I work as a virtual design agency for some of my clients, handling all their print and digital design requirements. Some creative partnerships span over 12 years.

I also work with design agencies as an extension of their team on graphic design, UX and UI projects on behalf of their clients.

Collaboration with my clients is key to producing results-driven, strategic design. I take on projects enthusiastically, over-delivering and creating an enjoyable affordable design process.

Whether you are looking for a design refresh or you are starting out, please give me a call. I welcome projects of all sizes.


My Work

From the world famous yacht designers to leading interior design brands, portfolio sites and a wide range of e-commerce, my portfolio covers the luxury sector although is not limited to.

A collection of articles
written to inspire you and
your team.

Design and beyond
Is a one-off design project project possible?

Yes, I love the variety of working on different projects for individuals and businesses in different industries and getting to know them inside out. If you have a few more design tasks or are looking for a freelance designer to work with on a regular basis I can also help. I work with a select few clients on a retainer, which is perfect if you have monthly or weekly tasks where you require a designer or consultant.

Can I book a consultation?

Please do call me or use the contact form to make initial contact. We can then arrange a zoom call or meeting in person.

Do you cover UI and UX?

I am a UX and UI freelance designer. I have been designing websites for several years and work with you across the whole process, from brief to launch. I am equally very comfortable working with other UX designers and developers. I hope my testimonials show that I manage my projects to time and budget also going above expectations.

Do you do design tutorials?

Sometimes after a website is launched I train teams on how to use the CMS and best practices. Recently I have worked with several companies, who have been keen to teach their internal teams some key design skills in order to handle their own website and email marketing campaigns.

Are your websites bespoke?

Most of my websites are bespoke, therefore designed from scratch. I am very keen to work closely with clients in the design stage of the website to ensure the website is representing their business perfectly. Good design is embedded design. Built-in design. Design that is not a last minute after thought. For example, it’s easy to spot the difference between a website that has been coded for functionality first and then handed over to a designer to “just make it look good” and a website where the design affects how the code is even written. A design-first approach is less costly, it is delivered more quickly, is less frustrating and easier to use, is more fun and inspires action.